Nuke Gizmos

by Adrian Pueyo

Through the years I crafted a large number of Nuke gizmos to improve bits of compositing in Nuke while learning about image manipulation.


All were adapted as much as possible to Nuke standards to make them simple and intuitive to use, and they are currently used extensively by Nuke compositors. I try to keep them updated to the latest Nuke versions and actively look for feedback on how to improve these tools.

Some features of my nuke gizmos:

  • Actively Developed

    I keep updating all of my gizmos with new tools and improvements, as well as adapting them to the latest nuke versions and workflows. Feedback on bugs and ideas is always super welcome too.

  • Production Ready

    All of my nuke gizmos were born in a production environment, where I also implemented and stress tested them under a variety of projects and setups, and really improved based on feedback by fellow artists.

  • Free and Open-source

    These tools are free to use for for any purpose, under a GPLv3 license. Feel free to use them in any private or commercial environment. All blink kernel opensource too in case you want to learn or modify them.

aPMatte v2.0

Blinkscript-based gizmo for generating mattes and 4D noise from a Position AOV

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aPMatte v2.0 is a Blinkscript-based Nuke gizmo that lets you generate mattes and 4D noise based on a Point Position pass.

v2 includes new shapes and modes, a 3D-space view of the matte and point cloud, and accepts an Axis or Camera input. Also, lets you preview the p-matte over an image input and merge the alpha with the incoming one through different operations.

Free download:

apDespill v2.0

Image based despill and chroma keying blinkscript-powered gizmo

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apDespill v2.0 is a blinkscript despiller and chroma keyer capable of picking a specific tone and with image-based input options for most of the controls. v2.0 lets you choose between a despilling and keying algorithm, bringing new options such as turning the despill into a color or using it as an iKeylight.


If you just want a basic despill, its default values should already be enough and the tool will avoid any extra calculations.

Main Features

Image-based inputs

Image-based inputs let you use a single apDespill node for performing a different operation for every pixel of the image, and for most of the knobs.

Absolute mode

With the new absolute mode you can change the despill for a chroma keying algorithm, allowing for a despill-to-color operation or even using the tool for image-based chroma keying.

Specific tone selection

One of the distinct features of apDespill is the possibility to despill a specific tone picked from the image, not being limited to pure rgb.

Free download:

apChroma v1.0

Advanced chromatic aberration with user-defined color spectrum and multi-alpha calculations

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apChroma is an advanced chromatic aberration and drift gizmo, that works through a sub-frame blend of different values on an STMap and Transform, while creating a user-defined color spectrum.

apChroma can calculate a multi-channel alpha for correct merging of the result onto a plate, and the included apChromaMerge node will perform the multi-alpha merge operation.

Free download:

ColorSampler v1.0

Live color & flicker analyzer with custom and weighted alphas and direct deflickering

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ColorSampler is a tool that outputs the average color of a target input (or the src image if there’s no target input), weighted through the area input or the whole frame. It can also calculate the maximum or minimum value over the area or whole image. Additionally, you can directly remove color flickering, or apply it from a second image.

You can think of ColorSampler as a live version of CurveTool with some additional features using the power of Blinkscript, where instead of being limited to a rectangle you can plug a roto to use for the sampling area… or a key…

Free download:

apGlow v1.1

Exponential glow and blur with fine controls, based on iterative blurring

apGlow is a lightweight exponential glow effect with advanced control over the steps, falloff, distribution, color and other useful parameters.

Tip: If you use the default settings and only change the size and falloff controls, this tool is an exponential blur, useful for diffusion effects (eg. before merging an atmos element).

Free download:

C44Kernel v1.0

Blinkscript-based 4x4 ColorMatrix node

Multiply the rgb or rgba colors by an arbitrary 4×4 Matrix. Useful for transforming vector passes like Position or Normals. You can also plug in an Axis or Camera node into the axis input, to apply its transformations.

C44Kernel is a simpler, Blinkscript-based alternative to the C44Matrix node by Ivan Busquets, which is incredibly useful but has the compatibility limitations of a plugin.

Free download:

apEdgePush v1.2

Distortion edge warper for solving sharp edge extensions

apEdgePush is a vector distort edge warp that distorts the edge colors outwards to get rid of visible fringe. By default looks for alpha in the img input but you can plug in a custom matte to the matte input. Switch channels to rgb and warp before the Premult in order to warp the image “within” the premultiplied alpha region.


Tips: Prioritize using apEdgePush on edges that have a thin visible fringe. Use multiple apEdgePush nodes with lowered opacity to produce a filtered result with no visible distortion.


Free download:

apDirLight v0.2

Quick Normal pass 2D directional light and hue keyer

apDirLight, one of my first published tools, lets you simulate a simple directional light through a Normals pass, by picking a color from such pass and then tweaking the radius, falloff and hardness of the generated mask.

It also proves really useful as a hue keyer, and I actually use it more for this purpose in production. Simply pick a color from the image and look at the alpha.

Free download:

apScreenGrow v0.4


apScreenClean v0.5

Greenscreen utilities: Iterative edge extender and screen color normalizer

apScreenGrow, one of my oldest tools, is a simple iterative edge extender which lets you erode the color of a screen or background to fill the insides of your subject, useful to generate cleanplates in a controlled way. Also lets you extend in a single direction and rotate such direction.

In the latest versions of Nuke, the EdgeExtend and InPaint nodes will prove more useful for most cases. However there’s still instances where nothing’s better than an iterative blur edge extension.
apScreenClean is a tool to normalize or “flatten” an irregular green or blue screen by using your plate a clean plate and a picked color.

This is my own flavor of a clean screen generation tool (similar to ScreenCorrect, PxF_ScreenClean, …) offering some extended functionality such as direct color picking or smoothstep control.

Free download:

Gizmos included in:

Nuke Survival Toolkit​

A collection of production-tested gizmos from the community, curated by Tony Lyons

Most of my nuke gizmos are part of Nuke Survival Toolkit, a free and portable tool menu for the Foundry’s Nuke featuring a hand-picked selection of gizmos collected from all over the web, organized into 1 easy to install toolbar.



Nuke Survival Toolkit was created by my friend Tony Lyons and features many awesome tools from the community. It is currently used by studios and freelance artists everywhere.

Why NST is my preferred package of nuke gizmos for most pipelines:
  • Production Ready

    Every tool in the package is checked and used extensively in production and has to meet the requirements to work in a pipeline: render farm friendly, standard nuke channels, bounding box optimization, etc.

  • Standard

    With NST being standard between studios, any artist can find their preferred gizmos straightaway and the number of tool download requests to the pipeline team declines substantially.
    This also ensures artists tend to use the same gizmos, instead of every person using their own ones, facilitating readability a lot.

  • Free and supported by the creators

    All the gizmos in Nuke Survival Toolkit are free to use and the package is actively supported my most of the tool creators, including myself. This serves as a guarantee that most of the tools are updated to the developer's latest released version.

Free download:

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