Here’s my latest big dev project… this website

It took me so many years to go ahead and make a blog… then I made one in 2016, and as soon as it was working I didn’t quite feel like writing anything. So that was the end of such futile effort. Fun thing to build though.

Fast forward to 2021, after having redirected my digital compositor career more towards supervision, education and development, it was the moment to start building something new. Except for the fact that those occupations combined take like every single waking hour I have. So getting a new website creation into my to-do list (which tends to only be inhabited by vfx tools) wasn’t the smartest of possible decisions. Especially given my most-probably-pathological and definitely unhealthy perseveration for any stuff that goes into that list. Nonetheless it got there. And that’s not even the worst part: a blog also got its way into the list. And a newsletter. And… an online learning platform. Not sure how I let the guard down but it was already too late.

Now – good news is if you’re reading this, I’m potentially still alive and made it to the other side of that part of my to-do list. So welcome to my blog, website, and little online learning platform!

  • The Website part is mostly my new online portfolio as well as a place for easy access and information about my published VFX and VPX tools, with links and pictures and explanations about the stuff I do and love. I made sure to have it as updated as possible (published in May 2022) and really hope to keep it that way.
  • The Blog part, if I manage to move forward with it, will be a nice interface where I can discuss my findings or adventures with VFX and virtual production, machine learning and the other topics that keep me super interested. Also good place for little code snippets that don’t get to a publishable state, some written tips and tricks and maybe even educational articles or interviews. Quite a new thing for me so let’s see how it evolves!
  • The email Newsletter part will mostly be a quick thing where if you add your email I’ll be able to communicate when I make new posts I consider useful, new courses or something similar. For now you can probably expect between 0 and 2 emails per year. Hopefully I get the number up, which would mean I’m actually able to publish articles or create some courses! You can already subscribe here.
  • Finally, the Courses part is a full online platform, integrated within the same website, that is able to host video courses. If all goes well I’ll be filming some structured, thorough, professional courses about VFX there in the next months.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to the rest of this adventure!

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You can subscribe to my newsletter to get notified about my new tools, blog posts, new courses and other relevant info I’ll post about.