Introduction to

Python for Nuke Artists

Complete course to learn Python applied to Nuke.

About the Course

Why this program and for whom it is designed

Introduction to Python as a language applied to Nuke artists, and directly inside the program, so that we can get to the point from the ground up in what will benefit you most in your day to day work as an artist.

					import nuke
nuke.message("Learn Python in Nuke!")

This course is mainly aimed at you if you are a VFX artist working with Nuke, with any level of experience, and you would like to learn the basics of the language from scratch, applied to what you need and wasting as little time as possible in order to start using it quickly. All updated to the current industry standards and what will be useful for your daily work.

In the first part we will see an introduction to Python at a very general level, exploring the possibilities it offers. After that, we will quickly start doing exercises in which we progressively introduce more and more of the integration with the power of Nuke.

I have designed this course so you can learn Python from scratch:
  • 10 modules and bonus material

  • 60+ video lessons

  • 8+ hours of content

  • Interactive Quizzes

  • PDF Exercises and video resolutions

  • Unlimited access

  • Python Scripts included for free

  • Live sessions for questions & feedback

  • Q&A Section to clear your doubts

  • Certificate upon completion

Learning Process

Learn in the most efficient way and without wasting time

^ Here you can watch an example lesson

Video lessons

The course is structured around short lessons, so that you can learn in your free time (on your cell phone, during your commute to work, etc.).

Interactive Quizzes

All modules include interactive quizzes, so that you can directly consolidate new concepts and advance your learning in a much more solid way. 

^ Here you can see an example exercise.

Exercises and Resolution

After learning new concepts and testing them with a quiz, it will be the turn for a PDF exercise, with which you can really get down to work and practicing with the language.

Once you have given it a go, you can move on to the next lesson to watch me solve it.

Studios & Schools

Partnering with VFX Studios and Universities to offer this course

For Studios

VFX Studios have integrated this course in their training regimen, ensuring their artists are well-versed in Python’s applications within Nuke. Entropy is one shining example.

If you’re a studio thinking about enhancing your team’s Python skills, I’d love to chat about how we can collaborate.

For Universities

Academic institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry. To support this, I am offering special discounted prices for schools and universities, allowing the students to access this course at a reduced rate.

A flagship example for this collaboration is U-Tad.

  • By enrolling in this course you will be eligible for a 250€ discount on all graduate and undergraduate programs at U-Tad.
  • Student pricing: If you already are a student at U-Tad and would like to enrol in this course, please get in touch with me from your university email or check with the university for special pricing!

Become a Partner

If you represent a studio or an academic institution and are interested in a potential collaboration, I’d like to hear from you. Together we can help equip more artists and students with a technical foundation in scripting for VFX.

For partnership inquiries and more details, please contact me directly.


Find what other artists are saying about the course


Nacho Hoyos

A brilliant course to learn Python, 100% would recommend it.

Noa Bofill


Super useful. The Python foundation necessary for any compositor! Thanks, Adrián, for making it look so easy.

Geneviève Trottier

After years of self-guided learning and trying various courses, I'm thrilled that I chose Adrian's course. It's finally clicked for me, and I feel equipped to navigate the language independently once I complete the course. In my opinion, it's the top Python for Nuke course available!

Shubham Soni

As a beginner, I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. It was an incredibly efficient way of learning due to its well-structured lessons, quizzes, and exercises. Thank you, Adrian, for creating such a fantastic course!

Ben McEwan

If you're wanting to sharpen your grasp of the basics of Python, or start learning from scratch, I'd highly recommend you check this course out.

Fabian Garcia

excellent course! after trying to learn python for years on my own (and failing miserably), this one made it quite easy to understand the basics and gaining confidence using the language. highly recommended.

Marta Cousillas


A really useful course to start understanding the Python language and its applications. Very well explained and complete! I recommend it without a doubt!

Nelson Restrepo

What a great course by Adrián Pueyo. It gives the artist useful techniques utilising Python, that can make big difference in your daily work schedule. The course comes with an intuitive platform that makes it very dinamic and practical. Personally, for some time I have to wanted to learn python, but whenever I gave it a try I just didn't find it that easy. Now, having attended the course, I can tell that I have built a strong basis on which to keep growing my skills.

Joan Andreu Quiles


An amazing course. It has far exceeded my expectations. Adrián is a fantastic teacher and has created a top Nuke course. Thank you very much!

Ian Parra

A must-have! And will be returning many times to re-watch it.

Ancor del Valle


A course addiction, it has hooked me more than Netflix 🙂 You can't stop watching the videos which are really enjoyable, well explained, and then you get very competitive with the quizzes and exercises proposed by Adrian, which are the best way to learn. 100% recommended.


A clear way to jump into python for Nuke, very useful and illustrative.

Sylvia Pichardo Flieger


Immediate enthusiasm! This course hooks you in, and it's a gem for any Nuke user, even if they don't like programming. In just a few lessons, Adrián shares very useful and exciting knowledge that would take years to learn on your own. Without a doubt, money well spent.

Sriram Seshan

To say this was a really interesting course. I was pretty excited to learn python, I learnt a lot (no programming background) from scratch and also had hard times especially with Ninja Level tasks and typing the quizzes (wish I could have got the filled-up answers as a script after doing those) had to make my own note of everything. Overall, It was great learning. Really can't help me enough by learning these exclusive content from one amazing person!

Lionel Estivill

A really nice walkthrough to start understanding Python and develop yourself in it. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn, have fun, and acquire a really useful skill for VFX Compositing.

Angeliki M.

Highly recommended Python course! The instructor is knowledgeable and skilled. It is the best choice for someone looking to learn Python!

Learning Program

Complete learning curriculum of the course

Concepts and ideas
We introduce programming languages in general, the ones we find inside Nuke and the purpose each one fulfills.

  • 06:34
  • Quiz: Programming languages
  • Interpreted and compiled languages
  • Quiz: Interpreted and compiled languages
  • Programming languages in Nuke
  • Python in Nuke
  • Quiz: Languages in Nuke
  • Getting ready to learn Python

Introduction to Python
We will learn the basics of Python as a language in order to start speaking it, directly in Nuke.

Python Fundamentals I
We continue our journey of learning Python by exploring the most fundamental techniques of the language, directly from Nuke's console.

Python Fundamentals II
We continue learning the most important fundamentals of Python, with the creation and usage of functions and modules.

Python Fundamentals III
We complete the learning of the most important Python fundamentals, with the concept of classes and other useful functions.

Python in Nuke
We finally start to explore all the possibilities that Python offers to us inside Nuke.

Customizing Nuke I
We explore the ways in which we can customize Nuke with our code. This is one of the most useful things we can do with Python as artists: find the occasion to customize Nuke whenever we want.

Customizing Nuke II
We now focus on the most practical part of Nuke customization, mainly based on examples with tricks and useful tools.

More about Python in Nuke
We introduce the group of Python concepts and techniques in Nuke with which we will be able to create tools, panels and interactivity.

Extra: Creation of Gizmos
Creating gizmos is a topic that falls outside the introduction to Python, but it just complements it all too well. So, in this chapter, we'll expand on everything we've learned about the language with an introduction to creating gizmos in Nuke.

We finish the Python for Nuke Artists Course.

Included with the course

  • All 10 modules and additional content
  • All 60+ video lessons
  • 8+ hours of content
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Exercises in pdf and video resolution
  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Free python scripts
  • Internal Q&A section
  • Online group sessions for questions and feedback
  • Certificate of completion

Who it is for

  • Digital compositing artists
  • VFX artists working with Nuke
  • Compositing or VFX Leads/Supervisors
  • TDs or related positions


  • Nuke or NukeX (v13.0+ preferred)
  • 10-15 minutes to dedicate at least 3 days per week for at least 2 months



Nivel del curso:Todos los niveles
Actualizado:enero 8, 2024

What will I learn?

  • Fundamentals of Python as a language from scratch
  • Fundamentals of Nuke's Python API
  • Techniques using Python in Nuke for artists


Frequently Asked Questions about the program

Is this course the same as the Spanish version?
El contents of this course and the Spanish version are exactly the same.

However, from the perspective of the learning platform they are different courses. So please bear that in mind when choosing which one to enroll into!
Which language should I choose?
This course is available in English and Spanish, and I strongly recommend that you pick the language that you have an easier time understanding. I am fully aware that we mostly work in English in this industry, and that Python is a language that is written in English. Still, if Spanish is your native language (like mine) or you just you have an easier time understanding Spanish, I really encourage you to pick the Spanish version. Even if you only use English in your day-to-day work.
How long are the lessons?

As you can see in the contents guide, the video lessons are generally short, but they are not all the same duration. This is because each lesson contains the amount of information that I consider ideal for you to digest in one sitting.

  • More intense lessons (with more new information all at once): about 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Softer or slower lessons: 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Exercise resolutions: up to 15-20 min, as the goal is not to learn a lot of things, but instead for you to watch a practical example.
  • Quizzes: calculate 5-10 minutes. They usually contain 5 questions, which change each time you try.
How much time should I dedicate to the course?
I have designed the course so that the part of learning on the platform, you can organize yourself to complete it by investing time blocks of about 15 minutes (or multiples).

So, by taking about 15 minutes a day, with internet access, you will be able to learn:
  1. 1 short lesson and 1 quiz.
  2. 2 short lessons.
  3. 1 long lesson or exercise resolution.

Secondly, there is the part of practicing. For this one, ideally you should organize yourself to squeeze in small periods of time when you have Nuke or Nuke X (either at home or in your studio/university). Here, you set the time. Generally the exercises are separated in individual points. And once you get it ready or get stuck on something, you can continue.
How long will it take me to complete the course?
Based on the experience with the people who have completed the course so far:

  • If you are an artist and you plan to dedicate some minutes every day (advancing about 1 lesson + quiz), you can count on completing the course in 2 to 3 months.
  • If you invest more time per day, about an hour on average, you will be able to complete it in about a month. It is very important to practice with the PDF exercises, and not only watching lessons and solving the quizzes.
Does the course access expire?

You will be able to access the course forever! You’ll have access to the lessons, both in the current version and for all future updates that I will be making to this course. I only reserve the right to warn and/or revoke access to the platform in case a user has repeated unusual activity with the access IPs.

Please refer to the course Terms and Conditions for more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly!

Can I access the lessons without an internet connection?

No, the entire platform is online and interactive, and all content, questions and answers and live sessions are streamed.


In general this is not an issue nowadays that we have connection practically all the time. But if you are planning a flight or something similar where you are going to be a couple of hours without internet, if you have a laptop with you, a good option might be to organize yourself to practice the Python part during that time.

Can I obtain the course for my studio or school?

This course is designed for personal use only, online and non-transferable (as outlined in the course Terms and Conditions), but I also offer tailored packages for studios or schools interested in offering it to their artists or students.

Among other options, I offer packages of access codes for a defined number of students/artists. You can contact me directly for more information on this and other custom formats.

Why is there a maximum number of attempts in the quizzes?
The vision of this course is that as you advance, little by little, you are really learning the foundations of Python and that they are useful to you. Therefore you will see that everything is separated into short blocks of learning, and the way you can verify that you are learning each thing is through the quizzes.

I would like to encourage that when you try a quiz, first you understand the concepts presented in the previous lesson. If you don’t, and they don’t become clear enough from watching it, you can also use the Q&A section, the live online sessions, and the community. Or try the quiz once, so you see what kind of concepts you need to understand, and then review them well before going back to the quiz.

On the other hand, I’m happy to look for any things I could explain better in the lessons in order to keep improving them.

If once you try a quiz you find which concepts you still don’t understand, I think the best way to learn them is by going back to the lesson, or try them directly with the interpreter – and not throwing attempts at a quiz until you pass one.

That way, we make sure that you take each step solidly, and you’re in the best position to understand the next one. In addition, in this way the certificate also becomes meaningful once you complete the course. It’s a test that truly certifies (even to you) that you have completed this learning successfully.
What should I do if I fail all permitted attempts in a quiz?
In case you run out of attempts on a quiz (which happens very rarely), you can contact me, and I will restore it so that you will have attempts again.

Even so, again, I recommend that you try to prepare yourself to “aim for the 10”, even in the first attempts.
What should I do if I have doubts?
The format in which the course is designed should solve almost all your doubts by itself, since the theory is explained step by step and the exercise resolutions are exhaustive.

However, there will always be doubts that you can’t solve. And for them, there are several ways for you to get the answers:

  • Q&A Section: the course contains an internal “Q&A Section”, where you can ask any question  and get an answer.
  • Live online sessions: I organize live workshops on a regular basis, which will be used to help you with any questions you may have, as well as to collect any feedback you’d like on the course.

In an ideal world, the course will solve all your doubts and none of the above would be necessary. But if not… I hope there are no doubts left unresolved!

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