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I am a visual effects compositor from Madrid (Spain), specialized in high level compositing for feature films, currently employed as Compositing and VFX Supervisor in Orca Studios, while directing and teaching in U-Tad's Professional Masters in Digital Compositing.

I have an extensive knowledge of filmmaking and lighting fundamentals, as well as stereo and deep compositing experience, and a strong maths and programming background.

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Here you will be able to download some of my nuke tools. Click on the links below for more information about them.


UPDATE (Aug 2018)

apTools download is currently closed

So much coming soon... Stay tuned!

I decided to close the download of apTools temporarily.
It will be updated soon to a greatly improved version and made available in easier ways to install.
Meanwhile you can download some of my latest tools from Nukepedia:
aPMatte v1.0, KnobScripter v1.0, apDespill v1.0, Comma v1.1, C44Kernel

What's apTools?

apTools is a compilation of some of my self-crafted Nuke compositing gizmos and scripts.

They've all been tested in production, and I will keep updating this package with new tools and improvements.

Are they free? Yes!

Feel free to use these tools for any purpose but please do not remove the credit information.

I will appreciate any feedback on bugs or improvements, and of course any suggestions.

Don't hesitate to get in touch.


Everything from the icons to the controls was adapted as much as possible to Nuke standards so that they are simple to use, and I try to keep them updated to the latest nuke versions.



Nuke gizmo I made to despill an image, with options to despill any hue (and not only the primaries), select different algorithms for de/re-spilling, and protect tones from the despill. All coded in Blinkscript.


Simulate a simple directional/infinite light through a normal pass, by picking a normal color and then tweaking the radius, falloff and hardness of the light.


Clean up an irregular green or blue screen using your plate and a clean plate. apScreenClean is my own flavor of clean screen tool (ScreenCorrect, PxF_ScreenClean, ...) offering extended functionality.


Erode the color of a screen to fill the insides of your subject, useful to generate cleanplates in a controlled way.


Simple tool to de/activate a selection of nodes (by selecting their classes and labels) at once. Useful to quickly change a selection of Switches or turn off heavy nodes.


Intelligent Dot with auto-connection features, quick ways to connect it, presets, and a fully customisable style.


Blinkscript based gizmo to generate a matte of different shapes, based on a Position pass, on your GPU. Includes options to transform the mask and change its falloff. Also has the option to output or overlay a P-based 3D noise.


Nuke tool to script on callback (knobChanged, onCreate, ...) or python knobs (Python script buttons or Python Custom Knobs). It works as a floating panel to be called on a selected node, and/or as a dockable pane.


Coming Soon


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